Alice in Gothic Land

Language and literary consultant. Innate researcher and teacher of The Gothic 

My origins

My name is Alicia and I have been teaching English since I can remember. I started helping my friends with their English at college and soon I earned my own pocket money by giving classes to friends of friends. People recommended me because of my personal way of delivering the lessons. I even helped my sister with her philosophy subjects and she still remembers how natural, practical, holistic and fun the whole experience was.

My passion for the English language and culture took me to live in the land of Shakespeare for 3 years where I worked, obtained my Certificate of Proficiency in English from Cambridge University and met my husband, who is my right hand, unconditional support and a life companion.

In 2009, I graduated in English Philology from the University of Barcelona and in 2011 I opened a language school (now called Online Cognitive Learning) in Gelida with my husband, where we currently live with our 2 boys (Sam, 5 and John, 10), 2 cats, 3 birds and a guinea pig.

When did I become Gothic?

I’ve had a Gothic soul all my life, but it took my degree in English Philology for me to realise that everything I liked was Gothic: literature, films, music, buildings, clothes and folklore. After graduation, I was made to choose between language and literature, and as the options of doing a Gothic degree in Spain were non-existent, I decided to continue working and teaching the language while I carried on learning more about the Gothic in my spare time.

I have recently become an active member of the radio programme “Estudio Oculto“, where I do a monthly section dedicated to comparative Gothic literature English-Spanish.

The Writing Journey

I was only 8 when I first started writing a diary, and I haven’t stopped since. Whenever I had an idea, I had to write it down on scrap paper, in a notebook or even in the margins of my schoolbooks! I knew that mastering the skills of writing would take some time, and even more so in my third language. In 2001, I was told by my A-level English teacher that I already wrote like a writer. In 2010 I started an online comprehensive writing course with The Writers’ Bureau, where I received great encouragement to send my writings to publishers. My first son was born and life’s priorities took over, including the new business. I became more serious about writing professionally in 2018 after my husband’s health took a hit.

How can the Gothic help you?

Gothic writing and literature has helped me to overcome the difficult times of my life and it opened many doors. By learning about the Gothic, you are learning about the darkest side of human beings and our evolution. Reading Gothic texts can give you deep knowledge of the unconscious mind at different historical times. If you like writing dark stories, the Gothic helps you explore the uncanny and otherness through a great variety of symbols, motifs, tropes and characters. Gothic is still very much alive, and is the perfect place for modern discourses on gender, psychoanalysis, health and body, politics and the monsters of the mind to meet. I can help you find your own Gothic voice while learning to develop critical thinking through texts and authors. If you have a passion for all things Gothic, or if you have only just started on your journey, this is the place for you. 

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