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Our Story

Down Gothic Land

We all have that one book that we still remember as adults because of its impact when we were still young and impressionable. 

In my case, this particular book made me feel pretty anxious even just by looking at its pictures.


It was Alice in Wonderland, a story about a little girl who had the same name as me.

To me the land of wonders was more like the land of nonsensical nightmares I couldn’t decipher. I found it histrionic.

Was I maybe picking on the writer’s brain, a Victorian man who liked to take photographs of little girls in not many clothes in the era of moral and physical corseting? Or was there something else there I couldn't decipher yet?

Since I disliked the story, I started disliking my name, a fact that only worsened when the kids in the playground asked what my name was and then replied mockingly "... in Wonderland."

Alice's absent mother, her falling into a rabbit hole which in my head was the home of creepy crawlies and roots, the annoying stressed-out rabbit, Alice's suffocating size change, the stoned giant riddling maggot and the psychopath Queen of Hearts tapped into something uncomfortable inside of me every time those kids compared me with my fictional alter ego. Maybe some kind of shadow.

Years later, after learning to put up with those who attached extra vocabulary to my name over and over, I decided to ban “Alice in Wonderland” from my library. 

It was during my degree in English Philology that I was formally introduced to Gothic Literature for the first time.


It was love at first sight. I didn't just fall deeply for the genre, I also found out that my writing persona already had a particular gothic voice.  

But learning about "The Gothic" was a forbidden love affair I came on and off as my university didn't offer further Gothic Studies and the online wasn't even an option back in 2005. So I decided to go solo and with some help from my super-smart sister, we drafted my ideal Gothic website.


This was when I embraced the power of my first name, Alicia, which in Greek also means "person who always tells the truth", and made peace with the little girl from Wonderland who had to fight many shadows in her journey to understand the world around her. Just like I had been doing all my life.


Alice in Gothic Land was suddenly born.


Despite my eagerness, and the certainty that my Gothic project could be an ideal home for curious people like me, all the signs told me it wasn't the right time and that there were a lot of other things I needed to do first.


That's why I chose to put my heart in a wooden box and keep the key in a safe place until the time was right. 

Some years down the line, my husband's near-death experience in 2018 turned our world upside down. The world as we knew it crumbled around us and our little family. We fell into real life's rabbit hole, we had to solve many riddles, avoid the Queen of Hearts and overcome the uneasiness of feeling very small and vulnerable more times than we could count.   

Surprisingly, this was also the right time for Alice in Gothic Land to be freed and put all her potential and all her learnings to good use.

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About This Project

The website "Alice in Gothic Land" appears to have a small but dedicated community of followers.


Her channel has 392 subscribers and her videos have been viewed between 10 and 48 times in the last two months.


The comments on the videos are positive, with viewers praising Alicia (the channel's creator) for her passion for goth culture and her personal insight.


Here are some examples of what "Alice in Gothic Land" fans are saying:

- "I love your channel! You are very inspiring and help me accept my dark side."

- "Your videos are very informative and have helped me learn more about gothic culture."

- "You are a great storyteller and I love listening to your stories."

- "Your channel is a safe haven for me. Thank you for creating a space where I can be myself."


Overall, it seems that people who find "Alice in Gothic Land" enjoy the content and appreciate Alice's unique perspective on the world. If you are interested in goth culture or personal development, I recommend you check out her channel.

Since 2018 I have been creating content online, writing, taking and teaching courses, running webinars, being invited to webinars, being interviewed, interviewing others and much more under "Alice In Gothic Land."


This has been the foundation for creating this online project, "In Search of the Gothic", a digital sanctuary where the enigmatic realms of Gothic literature and productions converge with the transformative wisdom of Jungian psychology.


But this project is not about me, it's about you and everything you can do with all your Gothicness.

Helping others embark on a journey through the labyrinthine corridors and the rabbit holes of the human psyche, where light dances with shadows, and where the line between reality and imagination blurs in those liminal spaces, is not only my dream come true and the work of many years. It is also the place where many of my most faithful followers keep coming back for more.

When you ask Artificial Intelligence what my public thinks about my approach to the Gothic this is what it will tell you: 

As you will see when you start working closely with me, my enthusiasm for this genre goes beyond the macabre and the mysterious, as I believe that within the eerie landscapes of Gothic tales, fairy tales, cultural myths and folklore lie profound richness in the depths of our human soul.


It is when taking a deep dive into these narratives and dissecting with my students the symbolic language of gothic productions, that we start uncovering all the hidden truths about ourselves and the world around us. 

Helping you draw upon the rich tapestry of Gothic literature, film, art, and culture, illuminating the darkest corners of our unconscious minds, through the unique lens of Jungian psychology is where I find most value and personal satisfaction.


Moreover, when exploring the dynamics of archetypal figures, motifs, and themes that populate these haunting narratives, we reveal many of the underlying patterns that shape our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours in our connections with others, which contribute to more authentic and profound projects and relationships.

As you can see, my mission extends beyond mere exploration, which will help you find your unique trajectory to figure out who you are and create your own myth. Confronting your inner demons and embracing the shadows within, will help you embark on a transformative journey toward wholeness and individuation.

Whether you're a seasoned aficionado of the Gothic genre or a curious traveller like me venturing into uncharted territory, "In Search of the Gothic" welcomes you with open arms.


Are you willing to join me as we navigate the labyrinth of the human psyche, guided by the flickering torchlight of insight and understanding?


One thing is for certain: I can't wait to be your guiding hand!


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