Critical Thinking and Life Expectations

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This is how I can help you


Talking to me in this first call will help you understand your pain points, your motivation, what you're curious about and what you expect to achieve with your projects.

Sometimes you just need clarity, inspiration or even purpose to continue writing your book, prepare a presentation or overcome your mental blocks regarding your approach.

Let me help you find your way out by:

  • Creating awareness
  • Setting your mindset
  • Helping you create a healthy routine that suits you
  • Creating your own evergreen habits

Like you, I’ve had to work on my confidence to see my true potential by creating the right scenario for me.

Like you, I’ve had to learn to listen to my intuition, detect my abilities and weaknesses and use them to my advantage.

Like you, I’ve had to create routines and habits where communicating with others has become a blessing and not a curse.

If you find yourself lost in all those fears and would like to see how I can help you overcome all of them, book your free assessment call now.

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Areas where I will help you overcome your fears

Critical Thinking

Develop your ability to find solutions to your daily problems by asking the right questions. The dark spaces in your brain are where most useful information remains hidden.


Learn all about the power of communicating effectively in your oral and written spaces. Sometimes we neglect communicating efficiently with ourselves by not engaging properly with others. 


Believe in yourself, discover how your identity is your strength and not your weakness and train yourself to find new neural pathways. Confronting different ideas will bring a clear analysis. 

Here's how I've been helping people 

The questions given to me weren’t just about expectations in general. They were regarding my life and my writing. I had to get specific.

Alicia and I talked quite a bit on each question, and while we went off on a few tangents once in a while, our conversation brought clarity to my life and to my writing expectations.

 Noah Watry 
Licensed Funeral Director and Writer

I wrote my thesis, I knew what I was talking about, but I had a fog in my mind. When Alicia contacted me something lifted, I had someone to talk to and become clear by talking through it. 

She helped me structure my thesis, even before our online meeting. Her knowledge of the Gothic was really useful too.

Dr. Allie Pino
Co-writer of "A Gothic Cookbook"

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There's nothing more Gothic than your fears. Come with me deep down the rabbit hole and discover how I can help you find solutions to your communication problems.

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