Overcome Your Communication Fears Through The Gothic 

This PDF will help you become a strong Critical Thinker through the six questions of Critical Thinking, encourage you to take five actions to become an Effective Communicator and give you 5 reasons why the Gothic is your best ally to become your Communication Fears. Start taking action from the first day.  

Down The Rabbit Hole

Gothic Literature - A brief introduction from its origins to the present day / Literatura Gótica, una breve introducción desde sus orígenes hasta nuestros días

This is a great resource for those who want to have an introductory initial contact to Gothic literature from a holistic point of view and to know some of the modern voices behind it from the English and Spanish background / Este un recurso fantástico para aquellos que quieran tener un primer contacto con la literatura gótica desde un punto de visto holístico y conocer algunas de las voces en Inglaterra y España.

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Guide to track your newly-acquired lexicon from your favourite books and series / Guía para no perder el nuevo vocabulario de tus series y libros favoritos 

This is a step-by-step guide to keep track and grow your lexicon and expressions while reading your favourite books or watching your favourite series / Ésta es una guía que te ayuda paso a paso a controlar y aumentar tu léxico y expresiones mientras lees tus libros favoritos o ves tus series favoritas.

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Improve your Critical Thinking and Language Skills with the Gothic / Mejora tu pensamiento crítico y habilidades lingüísticas a través del gótico 

This is a detailed resource for those who want to make the most of their reading skills in a second language while getting to know about Gothic books and tips to connect with others / Este es un recurso detallado para aquellos que quieran sacarle el máximo provecho a su lectura en una segunda lengua descubriendo libros góticos y consejos para conectar con otros.

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