A winner's guide to eating your public speaking fears away that will change the way you have been approaching your oral communication skills. 

Be in control of your oral communication fears from day one.

Why some people still struggle with their oral and written communication 

Communicating creates many mental blocks that stop people from moving on academically and professionally.

Despite what you might believe, this fear is not exclusive to non-native speakers of a language. This is a very common problem amongst people in general. Even the most confident speaker has to overcome certain fears on a daily basis.

The good news is that the new online revolution is creating opportunities that were not there before which means that being able to communicate with different speakers worldwide is now a fact and a luxury we didn't even think about a couple of years ago.

So why do people still struggle to communicate?

The main reason why people are still struggling to improve their communication skills is lack of exposure. Even though there are many online possibilities out there, people are still hiding behind their screens passively reading articles or watching videos, rather than taking action.

Is being confident an advantage?

Yes and no. You might be a confident person and not be getting the exposure required. Having a natural skill but not using it is as bad as not having it at all but trying your best to develop it.

The level of English proficiency is something people keep working on while trying to overcome their mental barriers.

The world can't wait to hear from you, so the best you can do is to start with what you have and improve as you go along. 


There's a limit to the things you can learn 

Whoever made you think this is completely wrong. You put the limits, in fact your own thoughts can be limiting. But the truth is, as research in neuroscience shows, the plasticity of the brain allows you to keep learning new things and creating new pathways throughout your life.

All you need is:

  • Awareness of your strengths and weaknesses
  • An action plan that suits your likes, timetable and personal needs
  • Regular contact with people who share similar hobbies, jobs and interests
  • A mentor who guides your steps and understands your struggles

Mastering the Art of Speaking in Public

A winner's guide mini course to eating your speaking fears away has everything you need to start overcoming your oral communication fears from day one.

Critical Thinking is directly connected to your language skills: working efficiently on one has a direct impact on the other.

Since fear is one of the main elements in the Gothic, this course is ideal to create empathy, to work on your identity and to build up your confidence, three of the many aspects necessary in any successful communicative context.


Mastering the Art of Speaking in Public is a practical and focused course designed to give you 5 powerful tools of negotiation when exposing clearly your ideas.

This programme walks you through not only the what but also the how to implement these steps in order to become a confident communicator mainly when English is not your mother tongue, but not exclusive to non-native speakers.

It’s all about making you aware of the challenges you encounter when communicating in your daily job or in your social time and help you put a plan into practice.

The course is broken up into six modules, each one covering powerful ways of making you more confident by creating awareness. 

Here is a quick glance at what you will learn in this course:


  • Definitions and terminology
  • How do you feel when you speak in public?
  • The challenge of speaking in a second language when you are naturally shy
  • How your level of English determines your confidence


  • How to prepare your presentation in your target language
  • Why proof read
  • The importance of rehearsal
  • What to do during question time
  • Create your own Lifelong Plan

Here's how I've been helping people 

"The courses I have been doing with Alicia during the last 5 years have always been fun, interesting and creative. We go through a great variety of subjects and learn in a different and innovative way. We are also given the opportunity to express ourselves and write about things we like. We share our stories with our colleagues and we always end up laughing."

Zhaniya Casals

Alice in Gothic Land

Hello! My name is Alicia Domínguez and I am the thinking head behind the Alice in Gothic Land project. I help you overcome your communication fears by opening all the doors for you. There's a lot you can achieve!

It was never easy for me either, but I finally made it

As a child I was never at the top of my class, probably because I was always day dreaming. But also because as an extremely creative child, not all the teachers were the right fit for me.

I had many passions like dancing, which I was exceptionally good at, by the way. I loved writing and inventing stories and of course learning foreign languages. It fascinated me to see people on TV using different languages to mine and still be able to communicate. But since in life we are told we have to choose only one path, I went for the language option because at the time it seemed to be what had a greater future.

However, like Alice in Wonderland I always chose the small doors and the difficult challenges. When I should have been at Uni I was trying to find my identity by doing many jobs and living in the UK where I learnt about relationships the hard way, but also where I met my soul mate and future husband.

Once back in Spain I finally made it to Uni, had a couple of jobs that didn't quite fulfil me - I'm not the "having a boss" type -before deciding that I was going to open my own language school together with my husband.

Despite the impediments and some difficulties, we managed to sustain our little family with the physical business where I tried to give my students all the tools, techniques and good practices I had learnt by myself in my own learning process.

Communication has always been a huge part of who I am and challenging myself to get to where I wanted has allowed me to help others.

I know what it's like to try to communicate when your level of English is basic.

I know what it's like to be talked to in riddles.

I know what it's like to face cultural challenges and discrimination.

But all those are the experiences I bring to my sessions. My failures have become great lessons I use to help others, whether we are talking about language, grammar, mindset, timetables or your Critical Thinking.

Only when you go through the process yourself are you capable of teaching others. This is what creates empathy, triggers curiosity and keeps people motivated.

And since "supportive" is my middle name, over time I have become my student's psychologist, confidant, second mum, mentoring guide, and Gothic entrepreneur, which is the genre I am fully devoted to in order to help you overcome your communication fears.  



This is what I have been for many years, but what I have only recently discovered had a name. I've recently been called confidence builder by writer, poker player and funeral director Noah Watry and shiner by academic writer and researcher Tracy Fahey.

At the end of the day we all have more than one ability that can help people in different ways. Knowing how to help others using all of those abilities is what you truly master when you see yourself as a holistic mentor.

One of my strengths is to get you out of your shell by making you aware of your own abilities, helping you overcome your own fears and much more. The best part is that the language becomes secondary when you are having so much fun.

In my obsession to continue improving my services I find patterns, techniques and new approaches that help me help grow as a person and as a consequence my students benefit directly from my new learnings and discoveries.

Because we human beings are complicated and unique in our ways and thoughts, we need to have different tools to overcome our daily difficulties.

Being out there, talking to others is such an easy thing to do nowadays that to not use it to your advantage would be missing out on huge life and job opportunities.

Overcoming my own fears has brought me much joy, learning, collaborations and new like-minded friends, aspects you will be able to benefit from when you become part of the Alice in Gothic Land family.

This is how I can help you

Fear can block your mental abilities.

Fear can stop you making the right decisions.

Fear can affect your communication with others.

Overcoming all those fears will open the door to new professional opportunities, know your true potential and limits, and help you be in control of your oral and written communication.

Let me help you find your way out through the Gothic lens by:

  • Bringing awareness
  • Setting your mindset
  • Helping you create a healthy routine that suits you
  • Creating your own evergreen habits

Like you I’ve had to work on my confidence to see my true potential by creating the right scenario for me.

Like you I’ve had to learn to listen to my intuition, detect my abilities and weaknesses and use them to my advantage.

Like you I’ve had to create routines and habits where communicating with others has become a blessing and not a curse.

If you find yourself lost in all those fears and would like to see how I can help you overcome all of them, book your first free assessment call now and I can also clarify any doubts you may have about this course.

Take control of your own journey!

Areas where I will help you overcome your fears

Critical Thinking

Learning to ask the right questions can help you obtain tools directly connected to your communication skills. The six questions of Critical Thinking are your best allies to examine different possibilities and open your mind to detect opportunities. Good Critical Thinkers are in high demand because they know how to find solutions in times of crisis. The more efficient your Critical Thinking, the greater the communication skills you will develop.


Expressing your ideas clearly doesn't always mean you have to express them in an uncomprehensible way. It is important to be aware of aspects like register, voice or tone when speaking in public but also when writing. Analysing texts where interaction happens is crucial to understand all the different possibilities that verbal and non-verbal communication can offer. Learn how to avoid misinterpretations of the messages by concise analysis.


Become an expert at learning how to detect your communicative strengths and weaknesses by putting them in practice in real contexts. Having a scarcity mentality will only stop you from moving on and achieving your communication goals. Create a plan to overcome your communicative limitations. Learning to be constant and persistent will bring you great benefits. Be in control of your time and use it wisely to your benefit.

But where does the Gothic fit in all this?

The Gothic is more than a literary genre. The Gothic is described by many experts as a mode because it can be found in many different fiction and non-fiction spaces.

Gothic is where the unexplainable, the uncanny and otherness meet and find their home. Analysing Gothic texts or texts with Gothic elements can help you overcome all those communication fears that keep getting in the way.

You  just need to learn where to find the Gothic and how to detect it. It is possible with the right help.


Having worked with Alicia, she is an excellent, warm, intuitive teacher who genuinely interacts with students and who makes learning a second language a joyful experience. As an interviewer, she has an extensive knowledge of literature and is a joy to work with; she understands the writing process and asks intuitive, interesting questions. I warmly recommend her classes to anyone who wants to improve their criticality through the study of writing.
Dr. Tracy Fahey
Academic and Fiction Writer

Get Mastering the Art of Speaking in Public today and be in control of your oral communication fears from day one

This is what you will get when you buy this course:



With all these benefits

  • A product for life
  • Flexible timetable
  • 2'5 hours recorded videos
  • More than 40 hours working time
  • 18 Worksheets 
  • Multiple calls to action
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Almost there now

When you login to the course, you’ll be able to access all the contents so you can organise yourself the way that suits you best.

You can access the course on any device you like: computer, tablet or phone.

As long as you have internet access, you will be able to start putting into practice your oral communication skills straight away!

Most asked Questions and Answers


One last thought before you decide

There has never been a better time to work on your speaking in public fears. 

The tools and technology available to students and teachers allow us to learn more efficiently, saving us great amounts of time trying to find the best fit for us at a very good and reasonable price.

When you have a great product, the tools and the way to start putting into practice everything you have learnt, you will be able to move on not only on your speaking in public fears, but also at a personal level, you will acquire a mentality of abundance that will boost your energy levels in everything you want to accomplish in life.

But sometimes it's not that simple.

Sometimes more "knowledge" and online courses aren't the thing we need to actually get results.

Coaching and community are usually the missing piece.

And from my experience with my students, this is so true. When you do a course, you are still in your comfort zone and never really jump to talking to others because you are shy or don't want to spend your time on the overwhelming social media.

That's why I will soon be opening a membership called "Overcome your Communication Fears" which you can complement with this course: to hold your hand and help you along your journey. You don't have to overcome your communication fears alone!

And you shouldn't!

The next months could be your best yet if you are willing to dive into my Overcome Your Communication Fears Community.

We're here to help and learn from each other.

I hope to see you there!

Get Mastering the Art of Speaking in Public today and be in control of your oral communication fears from day one

This is what you will get when you buy this course:



With all these benefits

  • A product for life
  • Flexible timetable
  • 2'5 hours recorded videos
  • More than 40 hours working time
  • 18 Worksheets 
  • Multiple calls to action
  • 30 days money back guarantee

P.S. Don’t forget that when you buy Alice in Gothic Land's Mastering the Art of Speaking in Public you are joining risk-free. You have an entire 30 days to dive into the course and THEN decide if it’s right for you.

See you in the course!


Alicia Domínguez