Critical Thinking and Life Expectations

Confidence Building Sessions

Have direct access to me under the modality that goes well with your profile and start working on your Communication Fears by using your Critical Thinking through the Gothic Lens.

Just tell me exactly what you need and I will propose to you an action plan that suits you best. I will help you make the most of your abilities while working on your weaknesses.



Most Popular

  • Recording of the sessions
  • Working together on a plan 
  • Freedom to change your plan 
  • Work with me all your doubts
  • Must be combined with another product

Solve all your doubts, communicate effectively

This modality is for you if you don't have a reliable timetable, you don't want to be with a group of people or you just want to have direct, individual access to me on a regular basis.

This modality can only be combined with either my mini-course "Mastering the Art of Speaking in Public" or my membership "Overcome your Communication Fears".

Work on a 100% personalised plan on any specific area in the time that suits you best 

This modality is for you if you want to have a personalised mentoring that can help you overcome your communication fears whether they are in the oral space or the written arena by working in depth on all the issues that are relevant to you.

It is also for you if you have burning emails, flash presentations, or you are writing a book and are struggling with time or are running out of ideas.

You can take this "Standalone" mentoring as you are working on your issues, without having to take any other of my products.



Commited level

  • Recording of the sessions
  • Follow a plan created just for you 
  • Freedom to change your plan
  • Go in depth in a short time
  • Have access to PDFs, videos and extra material
  • It doesn't have to be combined with any other product.

Overcome Your Communication Fears By Developing Your Critical Thinking 

Learn how developing your Critical Thinking and Communication Skills through the Gothic can change your future

Overcome Your Communication Fears Membership