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Hello again, my Gothic friends!

This new entry talks about the new changes on the blog, the purpose and what the readers can expect from it.

It has been almost a year since I last posted an article in this space. The reasons are varied but basically it all comes down to a long process finding my brand's and personal identity.

I didn't feel I was moving anywhere with the blog and the lack of feedback from my audience made me question a lot of things.

Throughout this year, as well as my videos, interviews, newsletters and figuring out who I want to be professionally from now on, I have been writing on Medium, a platform that pays writers for posting, interacting and sharing their experiences and knowledge.

Economically I am only now starting to see the possibilities for me, which it doesn't mean that it's the same for other writers out there.

The real benefit and what has made me stay there all this time, has been what I have learnt and discover during the whole process. I have become more confident with my writing at different levels, I have interacted with writers all the time, I have met new people outside the platform for a chat and even took a couple of courses with some other entrepeneurs.

The main successful lesson so far has been clarity through experimentation. Only three months ago I decided on how I should contribute to "bring Gothic awareness to the masses", which is what my friend, writer and accountability partner Tracy Fahey told me in our last meeting.

I had contemplated the idea of an online magazine when I first started using Canva and saw all of its possibilities a couple of years ago, but only recently I finally decided to create my very own online Gothic magazine. This has brought many advantages not just to me but to my audience too. You can read about this here:

Among other interesting articles where I try to bring people closer to the Gothic in all its true meaning, On a monthly basis, I am also publishing little fragments of a story created with elements of the themes we are learning about every month.

The idea behind this is to follow the Victorian tradition of publising serialised books, both to honour it and bring it to my audience but also to help me experiment this way of monthly delivering and test the market interest on my stories. The other characteristic is that only my most faithful followers have access to it.

As you can see, different platforms, different audiences and different purposes are essential for your writing.

What can my new blog format do for you?

During this past year I have learnt much about the concept of the shadow self, a concept I only came across at the end of the year. I had not realised that I was producing content around the concept of identity. Talking to my audience and teaching them about the dark side has brought to many people's attention that the Gothic is much more than the dark aesthetics. The Gothic is still a misunderstood genre, now mode that most people would love to access but is only accessible for some.

This connects directly with this new blogging content.

The idea is to regularly write excerpts and ideas of my stories in diary format so I can trace my own workings of my shadow self, but at the same time this can also help you find parallelisms with your own process. By having direct access to my mind, thoughts and stories you will also learn what works, and doesn't work for you.

As the blogging goes on, and hopefully the conversations, this space will be in constant evolution like a living organism. In a year's time from this post we will all see how we have moved on our stories or simply you will have the chance to be part of my journey and contribute to it with your comments and experience.

Final thoughts

  • I am excited with this new format and I hope that you are as well

  • It has been a long but necessary time away from this space

  • During this break I have learnt much about my own writing to help others on their own journey

  • The Gothic is more than a genre, it's a lifestyle

  • I look forward to your participation

Until the next entry, make sure you are very Gothic my friend,

Thanks for being here



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