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Exclusive Resources And Material

Welcome to our Exclusive Resources and Material page, where we provide comprehensive and engaging materials for enthusiasts, scholars, and curious minds to explore and celebrate all things Gothic.

We offer valuable assets for both creators and enthusiasts of the Gothic genre and offer a centralized hub for information, exploration, and community engagement.


Here you will find exclusive downloadables connected with our courses, my YouTube channel and anything that, comes up in our community. You will also find additional recordings, exclusive books, films and product reviews and anything that may be of use to you.

In the Gothic everything is connected, so each creation is an extension of something else. Like humans, nothing here stands on its own, but it's meaningful by itself.

Look around, read carefully, use your critical thinking and follow your instinct.

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Materials That Resonate

It can take months and even years to gather all of the information, tools, gadgets, maps and much more in order to create that ideal Gothic space that aligns one hundred per cent with you. But it doesn't have to be that way anymore.


Every piece of material, creation, tool and crafted item is born from a deep place in my core and it's a gift from my soul to yours.  

These are some of the benefits of using these resources:


  • Curated Content: Our curated lists of books, articles, films, and other media related to the Gothic are incredibly valuable if you are an enthusiast, student, researcher, if you are looking for quality content within this niche or if you are on a journey using the Gothic as a tool for self-awareness and personal development. Our detailed articles, essays and summaries will help you deepen your understanding of the genre and the Gothic mind. 

  • Educational tools: If you are an educator or a student in the Gothic space, our dedicated resource section is a valuable tool for learning and research as it will help you deepen your understanding, provide context, and offer avenues for further exploration. Study guides, lesson plans, and reading lists are thought for educators, students, and enthusiasts looking to explore the Gothic genre in more depth.

  • Promotion of New Works: I have always believed in the importance of giving new authors, filmmakers, artists, and other creators working within the Gothic genre a chance to promote their own work. This section aims to help you increase your visibility and offers some support if you are a new and emerging voice within the genre. You can contact me privately to discuss terms and conditions.

  • Enhanced User Experience: This resource section offers a comprehensive and organised collection of materials related to the Gothic genre. The idea behind it is to enhance the overall experience around this site and see it as if it were a place you could psychically walk in while looking for inspiration and a place to hang out with your favourite people, books and materials.

  • Literary Analysis: If you are interested in literary analysis, this section offers critical interpretations and scholarly discussions of Gothic literature. This can include analyses of specific texts, character studies, thematic explorations and even translation of original texts that cannot be found in your language.

  • Visual and Multimedia Content: Visual elements such as artwork, photographs, and illustrations related to the Gothic genre will help you engage with the Gothic from its aesthetic side, triggering your own creativity if you want some inspiration for yourself or to use with your clients.

behind the scenes

As a multipotentialite, as well as communicating with people worldwide, I love creating class materials, planning courses, writing articles, attending webinars, doing presentations, writing essays for book collections, creating useful guides, tests and much more. 

Having all my multiple interests connected to the Gothic in one place is not an easy endeavour and what you have here is the result of years of work, research and head-scratching.

I create resources on a weekly basis that help me with my own process, and now you have the opportunity to benefit from a curated collection of my best products that can help you in your own learning process.

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