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My Brand Name Is Based On A Book I Hate

"Alice in Wonderland" was always the name they used to mock me as a child

For many years I decided to ignore that my name was an annoying reminder of a story I hated: “Alice in Wonderland”.

I loved fairy tales, but not that one. I loved monsters and scary things, but not those characters so brutally close to real humans. Maybe I was too immature to understand the message behind it. Maybe I was too young to appreciate all the dark corners and the riddles of the mind that the story hides, which deep down are very Gothic in essence

But during my degree in English Philology, I was introduced to Gothic literature. I automatically fell in love with the genre and my writing persona started to find its voice. All my childhood fascination for scary films and stories started to make sense too.

I kept investigating on my own account, creating my own curriculum and reading all the books I considered relevant. I guess I became an independent scholar without realising it. That is the moment when I started noticing the gaps in the market too.

Seeing my struggle and a vital necessity of doing something about this passion, my sister, who at the time was doing her degree in webpage design and arts, told me in her always wise words:

If you can’t find it, why don’t you build it yourself?

And that’s what I started to do. However, at the end of the degree, the options towards a future between me and Gothic literature were anything but diversions from the real path, which is why I chose to put my heart in a wooden box and keep the key in a safe place until better times.

Years later, after having set up my own language school with my husband in a small town on the outskirts of Barcelona, he suffered an Ictus that changed our lives forever. His near-death experience brought many anguishing moments to the surface and the monsters of life and death freed the Gothic heart locked in the box. I was scared, I was worried, I felt like him that the world was crumbling all around us. My only escape was to start writing both for my mental stability and maybe, one day make a living out of a passion I knew very well.

That’s how I started writing stories of fear and ghostly experiences mixed with the investigator’s need for bringing back ancient folklore. It all started moulding this new persona that was going to be “Alice in Gothic Land”.

One day, while working on why I hated the story of Alice so much I came across an article on Lewis Carroll and his story. This finding brought light to that old childhood feeling and made me understand the source of my original rejection. I had finally embraced my destiny, with all its difficulties and its dark moments.

Suddenly it was all clear to me: every ancient tantrum and disappointment that my name had brought in my life had had a purpose all along. It was all meant to be. It is Alice’s seeds from the Wonderland story which set the path I had to follow to free my Gothic self. And just like that, accepting and embracing my (not so liked) mentor, the adulthood quest started, following Alice’s steps, once again in a world so full of questions, so big and incomprehensible at times that only the breadcrumbs throughout the internal Gothic trip can be the best-accepted answers.

The journey has been long and I’ve had to solve many riddles, avoided many Queens of hearts and have felt big and small at times.

The more I work on my brand, the more Alice in Wonderland resonates with me and my purpose as an entrepreneur helping others find their own way.

As a fiction writer and mentor, the Gothic allows me and my students to fall into the rabbit holes of our minds to find the path that leads to our own identity.

Are you ready for the journey?

Welcome to Gothic Land


When did I become Gothic?

I’ve had a Gothic soul all my life, but it took my degree in English Philology for me to realise that everything I liked fell into this category: literature, films, music, buildings, clothes and folklore.

As the person of the thousand whys, I’m constantly wondering about the grey areas of life. I find comfort in the supernatural and where our minds create alternative realities.  

You will find me creating content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Medium, Ko-fi and Instagram. I have participated as a guest speaker on radio programmes, sites, channels and cultural events to talk about all things Gothic.

I have my own video podcast “You are Gothic but you don’t know it”, where I help people learn more about their identity by analysing books, TV series and films.

The Writing Journey

I was only 8 when I first started writing a diary, and I haven’t stopped since. Whenever I have an idea, I write it down on scrap paper, in a notebook, on the margins of my books or on my phone!

I became more serious about writing professionally in 2018 after my husband’s health took a hit. This made me realise not only how cathartic it was to write but also about how my experiences and thoughts could help others. This is how the writing programmes began.

I have an accountability group with writers Tracy Fahey and Justin Park from the Sinister Horror Company, whose books I keep recommending to all my students. 

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How can I help you?

Exploring different writings, including your own, and reading a great variety of books can help you to overcome difficult times. But not only that: it can also open many doors at a personal and a professional level.

When working on novels, series or films with Gothic elements, you are allowing yourself to go deep down your very personal ancestral knowledge, your unconscious mind but also your fears.

The shadow that lurks in the dark of your repressed desires is the voice that will bring you balance.

When writing your life stories in your journal or your diary, you inevitably explore the uncanny, otherness and the sublime through a great variety of symbols, motifs, tropes and characters that will help you know yourself better. All these elements allow us to have modern discourses on gender, psychoanalysis, health and body, politics, and the monsters of the mind.

I can help you find your own voice through your critical thinking and become happier with who you are.

What are you waiting for? Open the door to self-discovery and embrace your new you.