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Overcome Your Communication Fears Membership

Access every month to videos, articles, PDFs, worksheets, a supportive community and a 90 minute Q&A session with me.

All the ingredients you need to overcome your spoken and written communication fears. 

Individual Mentoring Sessions 

Working hand in hand is great when you know what you need and want to work effectively towards those communication areas you are struggling with.

Choose the mentoring modality that suits best your necessities, timetable and profile.

Just tell me what you need!

Gothicise Me Membership

Monthly access to videos, articles and interviews regarding the Gothic Mind in all its expressions (films, TV series, books and music) in a like-minded, bilingual community.

Acceso mensual a vídeos, artículos y entrevistas sobre la mente gótica en todas sus formas (películas, series, libros y música) en una comunidad bilingüe afin.


Mastering the Art of Speaking in Public

A winner's guide to eating your public speaking fears away that will change the way you have been approaching your oral communication skills. Be in control of your oral communication fears from day one.