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Translation and Editing Services

Being a site dedicated to Gothic literature and Jungian psychology for self-development we offer a variety of specialized translating and editing services designed to cater to the unique needs of our audience.

By focusing on our specific services, we make sure we facilitate a deeper understanding and appreciation of Gothic themes and narratives, enhancing both academic study and personal growth.


If you are interested in the psychological depth of Gothic literature and its implications for self-development through a Jungian lens this is the perfect place to make your dreams true. You only have to contact us and tell us about your proposal.

Here are some detailed services that could be particularly relevant and valuable for you or your company:

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What You Really Need

1. Translation Services

Literary Translations

  • Classic Gothic Texts: we provide translations of classic Gothic novels, short stories, and poems from English to Spanish or vice versa. This can include works by authors like Bram Stoker, Edgar Allan Poe, and Mary Shelley. For other languages, please, contact us privately.

  • Modern Gothic Literature: we translate contemporary Gothic literature of new and well-established authors to make their work accessible to a broader audience.

Academic and Theoretical Works

  • Jungian Analysis Texts: we translate scholarly articles, books, and papers on Jungian analysis that apply to both Gothic literature and self-development.

  • Psychological Frameworks: we translate works that discuss psychological frameworks used in the interpretation of Gothic literature.

Multilingual Resource Development

  • Guides and E-Books: we translate guides, e-books, and other resources that explore the intersection of Gothic literature and Jungian psychology.

2. Editing Services

Thematic Content Editing

  • Gothic and Psychological Themes: we edit manuscripts, articles, and essays that focus on the thematic elements of Gothic literature intertwined with Jungian concepts. This can include deep analysis of archetypes, the unconscious, and shadow work reflected in literature.

Academic Editing

  • Research Papers and Dissertations: we provide specialized academic editing for students and scholars writing on topics related to Gothic literature, Jungian psychology, or the synthesis of both. This can include assistance with structuring arguments, ensuring academic rigour, and citation style adjustments.

Manuscript Development

  • Novel and Story Development: we love working with authors who want to develop Gothic literature manuscripts, focusing on psychological depth and authenticity. This can include character development based on Jungian archetypes and integrating psychological insights into narrative structures.

3. Workshop and Webinar Translation

  • Real-Time Translation Services: we offer real-time translation for workshops, seminars, and webinars that discuss Gothic literature or Jungian psychology, facilitating a broader international audience.

4. Consultation Services

  • Interpretative Analysis: we provide consultation services for writers and scholars interested in incorporating Jungian psychology into Gothic literature analysis. This can include plot analysis, character development based on psychological theories, and more.

5. Promotional Material Creation

  • Marketing and Publicity: we edit and translate marketing materials for books, events, and courses focused on Gothic literature and Jungian psychology. If you are a publisher, author, and educator, this service can help you reach a wider, international audience with your offerings.

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A Passion for Growth

As an introspective feeling type, I find translating, editing, and consultation, among other similar activities, the perfect settings and mental frameworks that align best with my interests, values, and desire to contribute positively to a community of like-minded individuals. 

Helping others develop their Gothic project, by making texts and different resources available to them, makes me establish a strong and engaging connection with my clients.

My desire for this type of contribution allows me to disseminate knowledge and ideas that I find valuable to like-minded people, as well as a way to stimulate my intellect as it allows me to stop the crazy world outside and pay attention to detail, critical thinking and make use of my philologist skills, as well as my own creative expression.


By refining the language and presentation of the content, I help my clients convey what they mean and help them impact more effectively a wider audience.

As someone who lives mainly retrospectively and who loves exploring complex ideas, working with content related to Gothic literature and Jungian psychology provides me with intellectual stimulation and opportunities for deep analysis.

Needless to say, all of these give me a sense of purpose and satisfaction as I see my clients grow and fulfil their dreams and journeys.  

Let's Work Together

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Thanks for your interest!

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