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In Search Of The Gothic

A place to explore the Light and the Shadows within

If this was a real place...

an old bookshop with gothic tables, chai

It would have a gift shop where to buy Gothic stationary, or little bits and pieces to make your own writing tools and decorations.

It would be a welcoming and unique place where you could hang out with like-minded people in an inclusive atmosphere.

Intrigued already?

Would you like to know more about my Gothic Literature Academy project, and how being part of it can help you learn more about yourself? Keep reading.

It would look like an old bookshop where if you were passionate about the Gothic tradition, mythology, storytelling, writing and the intricacies of the mind, you could explore your inner self by reading content that aligns with your mental wiring, as there would be different tailored curated collections to choose from.

It would have different spaces to sit down and examine your favourite books while having a drink and something to eat surrounded by your favourite posters and decorations.


It would also offer a variety of workshops to explore the Gothic psyche, courses, book groups, journaling and dream analysis.

An old shop with Gothic stationary, post

This Is What We Offer 

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