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My Brand Story

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Learning to Read all the Signs

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Alicia who loved watching ghost stories and spooky things with her mum on winter nights.

Other kids would make fun of her name because of the other fictional Alicia (Alice) who lived in Wonderland and whose story, despite its name, was anything but harmless.

Falling in a hole while in a meadow, being taken away by underground creatures, the passing of time, the magot's riddles, the liminality of spaces, and the oneiric world are some of the elements inherited not only from a specific literary genre but also from ancient myths. 

It was during her degree in English Philology that Alicia discovered that her profound attraction for scary stories, the paranormal, the functionings of the mind and much more could all be found and analysed  in "Gothic Literature".

The more she submerged herself in the twists and turns of her journey, the stronger the necessity to build a unique place from which to shed light onto other people's paths.

She couldn't keep to herself that, despite the general belief, the Gothic sneaks into every existing genre and even into our daily lives. She discovered that the Gothic talks to everybody in many different ways. It talks about our fragmented nature, mirroring, bodily changes, rebirth, uncertainty, monstrosity, among many other things.. 

Following all the synchronicities that life was throwing at her, she finally decided to fully embrace her name and the story she had grown to dislike so much.  


Alice in Gothic Land was born out of self-awareness, self-recognition, self-analysis and finally self-acceptance.

As a tool of personal development, the Gothic offers more than entertaining readings and productions; it can help you find the balance between your conscious and unconscious mind and overcome traumas and fears to become a happier version of yourself.


If you want to go down the rabbit hole to learn more about what is hiding behind your life struggles, Gothic Land has you covered.

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Who Am I?

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I am an English philologist and Master of Jungian Psychology student with a passion for ghost stories, folklore and neuroscience.

I graduated from the UB (Universitat de Barcelona) in 2008 and started my journey as an independent researcher of the Gothic while working as a language coordinator and teacher of English as a second language.

Together with my husband, we opened our language school in 2011 when our first child was only six months old. In 2014 our second son, a rainbow baby, was born after an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage.


My husband's near-death experience in 2018 and his consequent chronic heart problems pushed me towards an existential crisis. Writing, investigating and talking about the Gothic in seminars, articles and interviews has become my scapegoat both psychologically and professionally. 

Since that moment, and more so after the pandemic, I have been using all my life's knowledge to help my language and writing students, as well as professionals from different fields, to discover the root of their learning problems and mental blocks during transitioning periods.


It has been a long process, as I had to endure a long journey of self-awreness and self-recognition that nobody had told me about.


That's why I created my "Gothic-Jungian Threapeutic Writing Center", as a way to help others transition their difficult moments in life.


I truly believe that the three main pillars to self-help are: "Self-Awereness, Critical Thinking and Self-expression", which we can work on using this very peculiar Gothic-Jungian lens.


After co-writing a book with four other women writers called Diario para madres escritoras II, un nuevo comienzo, and after being part of various projects and seminars around the archetype of the Great Mother, my mission has become helping others find the way to reconnect with themselves during their transitions with their own road map. 


Through the analysis of Gothic Literature, or artistic productions with Gothic elements, dream journaling and memoir writing I can help you find your way home.

Curious already? Book a free session with me and I will tell you all about it!

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My Products and Services

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