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Gothic Waistcoat

You Are Gothic But You Don't Know It

This online magazine, also produced in Spanish, is aimed at anyone who wants to use the learning of the Gothic as a tool for personal development. 


In monthly format, you will have access to book, film, series and song reviews, interviews, recommendations, neuroscience and psychology behind the Gothic mind, as well as tips to access the well of knowledge that is your unconscious mind.

Haunted Castle in the Trees


About this magazine

This magazine was born out of my own necessity for a place where the Gothic could be learned, investigated, explored, talked and written about.


During our first year together we explored the world both inside and outside of us, taking the Celtic Wheel of Time as our starting point and frame through which we peeled off all the layers of the Gothic.


As months went by, I found that all the paths within the Gothic led to the same place: Jungian psychology.


That initial dialogue we established about the in-betweens is what has become the centre of my research and therefore the main content of this magazine. It is "uncertainty" the concept I will be using to talk about what I consider three basic concepts of personal development:


  • Self-Awareness

  • Critical Thinking

  • Self-Expression


Independently of where we come from, our gender, or age, there are many things that will always affect us in similar ways. That's why I think that what works or has worked for me in the past will probably also work for you at some point.


Worldwide folklore, traditions, and customs, all leak through our routines making their way to artistic productions, helping us develop our awareness, critical thinking, and communication skills, and therefore to learn more about ourselves.


This magazine would have never made it this far without the support of my family, friends, coaches, students, and readers alike, and for that, I want to thank you.

But most importantly I want to give special thanks to my husband, whose unconditional support and patience are priceless, and my sister, who has become my personal life mentor.


To all of you, thanks for being here!

What they say about my magazine

Xavier Aldana Reyes
Xavier Aldana Reyes, Reader in English Literature and Film at Manchester Metropolitan University and founder member of the Manchester Centre for Gothic Studies

A magazine with so much preparation and hard work as this one deserves to get to its audience. Alicia’s review of Horror, A Literary History, published by The British Library and edited by me, is a beautiful and detailed tribute that I deeply appreciate. I especially enjoyed her translations of some of the sections, which perfectly get the message across.

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