Learn aspects of yourself and embrace your fears using your Critical Thinking, your Communication Skills and, of course, all things Gothic.

You are Gothic but you don't know it

“You are Gothic but you don’t know it” is a video podcast created by Alice in Gothic Land with the intention of helping you figure out who you are by looking at the dark side of things, and the Gothic mode is the best tool to do that. This podcast will be working on your Critical Thinking and your Communication Skills to figure out your identity. Become confident by facing and embracing your fears because, just as there is darkness in light, there is also light in darkness. 

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The Road to Self-Recognition - Interviews with Authors, Researchers and Psychologists

“The Road to Self-Recognition: Interviews with Researchers, Writers and Psychologists” is a video podcast created by Alice in Gothic Land. This is a space where you can listen to different series of interviews/lessons where we analyse horror and the Gothic from the other side. The aim is to help you keep learning aspects of your own identity.    

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Tienes alma gótica pero no lo sabes

“Tienes alma gótica pero no lo sabes” es un vídeo podcast producido por Alice in Gothic Land con la intención de ayudarte a descubrir quién eres mirando al lado oscuro de las cosas, ya que el modo gótico es la mejor herramienta para ello. Este podcast te ayudará a trabajar tu pensamiento crítico y tus habilidades comunicativas para desenmascarar tu verdadera identidad. Coge confianza enfrentándote y aceptando tus temores porque, igual que hay oscuridad en la luz, también hay luz en la oscuridad.

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