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the depths

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Unveiling Jungian Archetypes Through
Gothic Literature to connect with your internal figures

Exploring the Gothic Psyche - Free Webinar  (1).jpg

What is this Webinar all about?

After three years of investigation, creating content,  attending webinars, enrolling in courses, and interacting with academics, writers and creators worldwide, I can finally bring you a unique webinar where you will learn how:

  • Jungian concepts applied to Gothic literature sharpen your analytical skills.

  • The combination of the Jungian concepts of the unconscious, archetypes and symbolism offers a deeper understanding of the psychological underpinnings of characters, themes and settings within Gothic literature.

  • Understanding archetypes and their manifestations in literature can foster personal growth by exploring one's own psyche and the collective unconscious.

  • Jungian concepts manifest in Gothic literature, to create more nuanced and psychologically rich stories, boosting your creative interpretation.

  • You can obtain professional tools to craft more compelling narratives and to understand the psyche of characters, readers, or clients more profoundly.

  • Bridging psychology and literature you can obtain an interdisciplinary perspective if you are in fields like literary criticism, psychology, philosophy, and cultural studies.

  • Understanding the Jungian aspects of Gothic literature can provide insights into the cultural and historical contexts that shaped certain works, therefore allowing for a deeper appreciation of the societal influences embedded in these texts.

  • To encourage discussions from the diverse interpretations and exchanges of ideas about the intricate connections between psychology and literature.

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Who is this Webinar aimed at?

This webinar is aimed at people from different fields of interest who want to gain practical applications and insights relevant to their personal quests or professional career paths through the merging of Jungian concepts with Gothic literature.

By offering you a multifaceted approach you will enrich both psychological understanding and literary analysis and therefore open doors to new perspectives and insights into human nature and storytelling.

Profiles who can benefit from this webinar:

  1. Writers and Authors looking to infuse depth into their narratives.

  2. Therapists and Counselors looking for a deeper understanding of the human psyche.

  3. Literature Students or Academics exploring Gothic literature with a focus on Jungian concepts.

  4. Artists and Creators who want to use these concepts to add layers of meaning and symbolism to their work.

  5. Educators such as teachers of literature, psychology, or creative writing looking to incorporate these concepts into their curriculum to add a unique perspective and engage students.

  6. Leaders and Coaches looking for a deeper understanding and motivations of others.

  7. Philosophers and Thinkers who want to expand their understanding of the human experience.

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Meet your Introspective Mentor

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