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An Introspective Journey To Connect With Your Internal Figures

Exploring The Gothic Psyche:
Jungian Concepts
In Gothic Literature

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Benefits of doing this unique Mentoring Course

  • Deepen your understanding of characters' psychology, themes and settings.

  • Develop your Analytical Skills by deciphering layers of meaning, symbolism and character motivations.

  • Contribute to your Personal Growth through the analysis of archetypes and their manifestations in literature.

  • Learn new creative interpretation skills to elaborate more nuanced and psychologically rich stories.

  • Find new professional applications through the crafting of compelling narratives or understanding the psyche of characters, readers, or clients more profoundly. 

  • Acquire a new interdisciplinary perspective for fields like literary criticism, psychology, philosophy, and cultural studies.

  • Gain cultural insight for a deeper appreciation of the societal influences embedded in these texts.

  • Obtain tools for facilitated discussions and exchange of ideas to connect at a deeper level with those around you.

Raven Crow

Who is this Mentoring Course for?

  • Writers and authors looking to infuse depth into their storytelling or narratives to create rich, psychologically-layered characters and atmospheres.  

  • Therapists and Counsellors who deal with clients with darker or more complex emotions.

  • Literature Students or Academics exploring Gothic literature with a focus on Jungian concepts who want to acquire a deeper understanding of symbolism, archetypes, and psychological themes present in the genre.

  • Artists and Creators such as visual artists, filmmakers, game developers, and other creative professionals who want to add layers of meaning and symbolism to their work, creating more impactful and thought-provoking content.

  • Teachers and educators in the areas of literature, psychology, or creative writing who want to provide a unique perspective and engage students in a deeper analysis of texts or psychological concepts.

  • Leaders and Coaches who are looking to improve their team dynamics, individual development, and understanding of the deeper motivations of others.

  • Philosophers and Thinkers interested in exploring the intersection between psychology, literature, and philosophy who want to expand their understanding of the human experience.

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Exploring the Gothic Psyche: Jungian Concepts in Gothic Literature

An Introspective Journey to connect with your internal figures

Module 1: Introduction to Jungian Psychology and Gothic Literature

Lesson 1: Understanding Jungian Archetypes

  • Overview of archetypes and their relevance in the human psyche.

Lesson 2: Introduction to Gothic Literature

  • Defining Gothic Literature, its origins, and core elements.

  • Exercise: analysis of archetypal elements in a selected Gothic text

Module 2:  Jungian Archetypes in Gothic Characters

Lesson 3: The Hero, The Shadow, and The Anima/Animus in Gothic Protagonists

  • Exploring how these archetypes manifest in key characters in Gothic Literature.

Lesson 4: The Trickster, The Wise Old Man/Woman, and the Persona

  • Discussing the presence and significance of these archetypes in Gothic antagonists or secondary characters.

  • Exercise: analysis and identification of archetypal roles in different Gothic characters.

Module 3 :  Symbols, Dreams, and Gothic Imagery

Lesson 5:  Symbolism and Jungian interpretation of Gothic Settings 

  • Analysis of the symbolism of Gothic landscapes, architecture, and other elements.

Lesson 6:  Dreams and the Unconscious in Gothic Narratives 

  • Understanding dream symbolism and its incorporation into Gothic storytelling.

  • Exercise: Interpreting symbols and dreams in a chosen Gothic tale.

Module 4 :  Shadow Work and Gothic Themes

Lesson 7:  Exploring the Shadow Self in Gothic Themes 

  • How Gothic literature addresses the concept of the Shadow and its implications.

Lesson 8:  Embracing Darkness: Transformation and Integration

  • Understanding the potential for personal growth through confronting the shadow self.

  • Exercise: Writing exercises or journal prompts for exploring one's own shadow aspects.

Module 5 :  The Collective Unconscious and Gothic Culture

Lesson 9:  Collective Unconscious and Cultural Representation in Gothic Works

  • Examining how Gothic literature mirrors societal fears and anxieties.

Lesson 10:  Influence and Legacy: Gothic Elements in Modern Media

  • Analysing how Jungian concepts continue to influence contemporary Gothic narratives.

  • Exercise: Analysis of modern media (film, literature, etc.) through a Jungian lens.

Module 6 :  Final Project and Integration

  • Project Assignment: Creating an original piece (essay, short story, analysis, etc.) applying Jungian concepts to a chosen Gothic text or creating a Gothic narrative with Jungian themes.

  • Presentation and Discussion: Sharing and discussing final projects, integrating learned concepts, and reflecting on personal insights gained throughout the course.

Conclusion and Reflection

  • Summarising key takeaways from the course.

  • Reflective exercises for personal growth and application of learned concepts beyond the course.


"This first Module was a total blast!  🤩

I thought I probably won't learn many new things as I've been into Gothic for a long time, and have already embarked on discovering Jung myself; BUT I was so wrong 😁. The synthesis of the two and the way you broke it down so clearly is priceless."

MFA student and founder of the books and arts club Gavran.

Meet your Mentor

- Course Price -

7-module course

Scary Mansion

Course details


The first three modules are available to you as recordings as soon as you purchase the course. 


For the remaining modules, I look forward to seeing you in the live class that takes place on the second Saturday of every month. If you can't make it, you will receive the recording on the course platform.

Each session lasts between 1.5 - 2 hours approx. and includes:

  • Access to a mentoring course platform.

  • Additional materials (except books, films or series).

  • Uploading of the sessions.

  • Practical exercises.

  • Q & A during the sessions.

  • Monthly newsletter.

Download a recording of the free webinar to find out more about this mentoring course and meet your mentor!

This year you will make the difference!

Thanks for your interest!

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