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All heroes and heroines go through critical moments during their transitions. This Exercise Book will help you identify your mental blocks, prioritise your needs and develop tailored strategies through your favourite series and books.


This printable A4 Exercise Book, which can be downloaded straight away, contains 28 beautifully designed and carefully thought-out pages to help you navigate your critical moments.


With this Exercise Book you will be able to: identify your daily intrusive thoughts, identify which thoughts and situations cause you anxiety and other physical somatizations, analyse your dreams and the first thoughts when you wake up, break down the critical elements of your journey, how to integrate the myth of Persephone and apply it to your own journey, give life to your critical moments so you can analyse them and integrate those parts relevant to your individuation process and analyse all your blocking thoughts.


This 28-page Exercise Book includes:


Table of Contents


Identification of Elements

Breaking down your journey

Integration of the myth

Persephone's Journey

Your journey

Critical event

Analysis of the Processes


About your guide

Final notes

The Crisis of the Hero/Heroine


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