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Welcome to my October 2023 magazine. During Season 2 of “You Are Gothic But You Don’t Know It”, we will be focusing on helping you find balance. Transitions are never easy but learning more about yourself through the Gothic Mode and Archetypal psychology will help you find answers. Issue 17 contains 62 full-colour pages dedicated, as always, to three main pillars of self-improvement: self-awareness, critical thinking, and self-expression.


In the section of Self-awareness, we talk about the importance of going to the etymological origins of the very special celebration of Halloween and the elements that make it up.


In the section of Critical Thinking, we take a journey from the celebration of Samhain to our current celebration and what the perpetuation of certain rituals tells us about ourselves.


Regarding the section on Self-expression, I explain how even in the darkest moments we can find light through my personal story of existential crisis and grief.


And finally, you will have access to the next part of Andrea's story. This month Nayad discovers that the story that her grandmother told her when she was little, about the lovers of San Juan, has more relevance than she thought.


These are the titles of this month’s content:


· Defining Halloween to know yourself better: etymology, symbols and monsters

· From The First Halloween to the present day: what does the return to pagan celebrations say about our unconscious mind?

· Halloween: the best time of the year to write your horror stories

· Andrea's story – When worlds meet


Let these contents serve you as a guide.


If you wish to talk to me about any of the articles or have any suggestions, I would love to hear from you. Write to me at:

You Are Gothic But You Don't Know It - October 2023