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Welcome to May’s magazine. This issue contains 59 full-colour pages of Gothic analysis about the importance of archetypal psychology in your personal journey. Ancient civilizations were unconsciously more deeply connected to the world around them where they gave great importance to the Great Mother. Becoming more conscious has turned us into cognitively-split individuals, always in search of a meaningful life mission. Learning more about the archetypes that rule you can help you shine light in your darkness. As every month, I will provide you with practical examples and tips that will help you on your road to self-recognition.   


This month you will learn about:

· Archetypal Representations of Balance and the Gothic in Supernatural

· Following Persephone’s Breadcrumbs

· A Trip to the Underworld

· Book Review – The Goddesses in Everywoman

· Andrea’s Story


I hope you enjoy every page and that they satisfy your curiosity.


I would also love to hear from you. Are you familiar with Jungian archetypes? If so, how has this knowledge helped you so far? Let me know by replying to me at

You Are Gothic But You Don't Know It - Issue May 2023


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