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When people ask me where to find the Gothic I say that it is everywhere and in all of us. That's because we live in a rather complex world that still excludes a lot of the pluralities that make us who we are and different from the rest. Even in the most homogeneous groups, there are many singularities and unclassifiable greys.


That's why it is so important to keep learning about ourselves because learning allows us to develop our critical thinking, which also allows us to keep playing the life game without losing ourselves in our economic problems, social expectations and responsibilities. In fact, when we learn more about ourselves, our creativity towards finding solutions to those problems can help us flourish. 


Knowing more about ourselves is not always pretty and it can even be painful, that's why creating a community where to talk about the shapes that the Gothic can take in our real-life problems is for me a dream come true. I don't just want us to talk about films, books and songs, I invite you to stretch a bit further and see where all the Gothic elements from the things you love happen in your daily struggles and routines and how you connect to them.

It's about becoming aware together and discovering the nuances that keep hiding in the cracks. 

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stop feeling you don't fit 

Being part of this community means being part of a rich and multifaceted space for self-discovery, creative expression, and personal development on an everyday level. Sharing a similar interest in Gothic literature with like-minded people provides a sense of belonging and support that contributes to the connectivity with others who understand your fascination with darkness and the macabre, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual encouragement. 

What you'll get when becoming part of our community:


  • Enhancing Your Critical Thinking:

Engaging in discussions about different Gothic works, and exploring themes, characters, and plotlines contributes to your critical thinking skills and provides new perspectives on life's challenges. Our favourite discussions around symbolism, metaphors, and literary techniques will help you sharpen your analytical skills and encourage you to think more deeply about the world around you.

  • Exploration of Taboo Topics:  

In this community, we love exploring taboo topics such as death, sexuality, the supernatural, and many other controversial topics that not only have to appear in Gothic contexts, but in other fields and contexts, and when dealt with in a supportive way can help confront and challenge societal norms, leading to greater self-awareness and personal growth.

  • Personal Reflection and Exploration of the Self:

By delving into the Gothic we can't but identify with characters facing inner turmoil, existential crises, or societal pressures. Reflecting on these in a safe environment will shed light on your personal struggles and strengths as you tap into your fears, desires, and inner conflicts. Analyzing how characters navigate darkness, secrecy, and the unknown will provide insights into your own psyche.

  • Understanding of Human Nature:

Sharing interpretations and personal experiences related to Gothic literature or productions with Gothic elements helps create a supportive environment when grappling with difficult emotions or experiences. Discussing how characters overcome adversity or confront their fears offers solace and encouragement that will help you gain a deeper understanding of human nature, including aspects of the psyche that are often repressed or ignored. This understanding is a bridge to a deeper understanding of ourselves and also of others.

  • Psychological Insight:

The Gothic is a direct invitation to the human psyche as it explores themes of madness, obsession, the unconscious and also intense emotions such as fear, grief, and longing. All these themes can lead to catharsis and emotional release in a safe context when engaging with them in a supportive community. Here you will feel free to express and process your own emotions, leading to many aha moments and emotional healing.

  • Creativity Enhancement:

Analysing Gothic literature is a great source of inspiration, creativity and imagination. You will naturally feel inspired to write or carry out other creative pursuits by exploring the dark, mysterious, and fantastical elements of the genre. This creative outlet will serve as an engaging way to stay tuned to the Gothic synchronicities in your daily life and relationships that you can then explore in many different artistic representations and activities.

who will guide you

Let me be your guide and inspiration.

Why join several groups to cover your Gothic needs when you can find everything you are looking for in one place?

Before dedicating myself to accompanying others on their life paths through the Gothic, I pursued many jobs in different fields and created many courses and services in the language space for self-development.

Some of my personality traits are my stubbornness and curiosity. Every time someone has told me "That's impossible, it can't be done", I have taken my things, and I have set out on that journey nobody believes in with more strength and thinking "We'll see about that." I have been breaking the mould all my life.

Where others see impossibility and difficulties, I see a world of opportunities to explore. Where others see darkness, I see inspiration and new challenges.

So when someone tells you that curiosity killed the cat, ask that person what they're afraid of and you'll see that their story doesn't have to be your story. You can even say to them one of my favourite mojos "You are Gothic but you don't know it." They won't understand what you mean, but as someone who sees life with its lights and shadows, you will.

As an entrepreneur in the linguistic, literary, psychological, creative, and digital fields, as well as some other interests that I will tell you about when you become part of my community, my job is to help you holistically discover how to connect and understand everything that makes you special through the analysis of Gothic literature and productions with Gothic elements.

It goes without saying that the Gothic is only the starting point and a connector across fields that will trigger your curiosity the more you learn about it. 

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