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Writing Workshops

Exploring Your Inner World

Our workshops are an invitation to journey into the unknown territories of your imagination and the collective unconscious. Whether you're a writer seeking to infuse your narratives with psychological depth, a lover of Gothic literature, or someone fascinated by the interplay between psychology and storytelling, these workshops will illuminate your path.

Inspired by what moves our followers, clients and the world around us, this unique workshop series analyses the enigmatic realms of Gothic literature through the lens of Jungian psychology, as it is the only psychology we find helps us embark on a profound exploration of the shadowy depths of the human psyche, using the rich, dark tapestry of Gothic narratives as our guide.


If you are drawn to the mysterious and the macabre, and are curious about the insights Jungian psychology can offer, our mission will become your mission which is to illuminate the dark corners of the human experience, revealing how the Gothic tradition and Jungian concepts intertwine to enhance creative writing and personal development. Through this exploration, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of the Self, unlocking the potential for transformative growth and profound storytelling.

Dare to explore the shadows with us, and discover what lies beneath the surface of your creative spirit.


Register now, and let the adventure begin!

You can take our writing workshops as a complement to our courses or individually.

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finding the inspiration within

Like it happens through any artistic expression, writing offers a direct path to your unconscious mind, it helps you grow as you become aware of many things inside of you, but also of the world around you. As you become more aware, you will be working towards your process of individuation, which is a journey towards wholeness and self-realization that can be mirrored in the transformative arcs of Gothic protagonists.. 

Some of the benefits you'll obtain from the workshops are:


  • Creative Empowerment:

Our workshops will help you unlock new dimensions of creativity by integrating psychological depth into your writing, offering richer, more nuanced narratives.

  • Personal Insight:  

You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others through the lens of Jungian psychology, fostering empathy and self-awareness.

  • Community and Connection:

Working with other people is a perfect way of joining a community of like-minded individuals passionate about Gothic literature and psychology, offering support, inspiration, and collaboration. However, you can also work individually with us and make the most of your own ideas in a more personalised environment.

  • Skill Development:

When writing in the Gothic space and with the psychological aid of the Jungian view, we enhance our writing with techniques that bring psychological complexity to our characters, plots, and settings, making our stories not just read but felt by our audiences. It's like a deep dive into places where others don't dare go but that are common to human kind.

  • Cultural Appreciation:

Being part of our workshops will help you gain a deeper appreciation for the Gothic as a cultural and literary movement that has shaped and been shaped by the human psyche across generations and that keeps evolving. You might be the next piece in the giant jigsaw puzzle.

Your Guide And Companion

I've been helping others in their journeys for as long as I can remember, and if you could ask those people to define me they would all coincide in the same things.


My passion for what I believe in, my energy, empathy, stubbornness, inspiration, open-mindedness and unique vision of the world are characteristics that have helped me navigate in life, not only at a personal level but also to help others see the best possibilities for them.

Writing is one of the skills I have been working on for a long time.

It all started with my first diary, short stories for school projects, and writings for other purposes, but I've always written, as it is the one activity that best helps me connect with my inner self and therefore navigate life in a healthier and meaningful way.


But it was back in 2018, after my husband suffered an Ictus and was diagnosed with a chronic heart condition, that something inside of me took over and told me that I had to take my writing to the next level.


Since then I have published many articles on the online American platform Medium, I wrote, edited and published a monthly magazine on my webpage for almost two years, I have published fiction and non-fiction for the editorial "Diversidad Literaria", and I  have taken part in a few essays that are currently under peer review. 

I am also proud to say that I have had the pleasure of helping novel and expert writers in their journeys through my one-to-one sessions and accountability groups and using my input in a transformative way for their personal and professional pursuits.

When I'm not teaching I am regularly talking to my readers and clients about the best ways to find clarity in their journeys taking into account everything that makes them who they are. This connectivity also helps me find new ways of assisting them. 

I am always looking to work with new lost souls. I can't wait to work with you.

What Do you want to write about?

Tell me what's in your mind 

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