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In Search Of The Gothic

Helping you Explore the Light and the Shadows within to

 Discover your Myth Taking One Little Step at a Time

This Is What We Offer 

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Are you intrigued by the enigmatic allure of the Gothic? Do you find yourself drawn to its haunting landscapes and complex characters? If so, you've come to the right place.


We understand that navigating the depths of Gothic literature can be both thrilling and intimidating, and more so when it is not within everybody's reach.


That's why we're here to guide you through the labyrinth of the Gothic world and illuminate its hidden meanings, regardless of how familiar you are with it or not.

Welcome to "In Search of the Gothic," a space where we delve deep into the intricate webs of shadows and lights within the realms of Gothic literature and productions with Gothic elements.


Our unique perspective involves examining classic and modern dark tales as well as other artistic productions and forms of expression through the lens of Jungian psychology.


Our goal:


Help you grow and discover all your potential both at a personal and a professional level through your favourite lens

Through our services and courses, we aim to help you solve several key problems, but not the only ones:

  1. Having a deeper understanding of your favourite texts: The Gothic in general is known for its rich symbolism and psychological depth. We help unravel the complexities of these works and representations, allowing you to appreciate them at a deeper level.

  2. Personal growth through the understanding of the human psyche: By examining Gothic themes, symbols, settings and motifs through the Jungian lens, we provide insights into the human psyche and offer pathways for personal growth and self-reflection.

  3. Learn to navigate darkness: The Gothic often explores themes of fear, uncertainty, and the unknown that can sometimes be overwhelming. That's why we offer guidance on confronting and understanding these darker aspects of human experience in a safe context.

  4. The current cultural relevance: In today's world, where the Gothic continues to influence literature, film, and art, understanding its themes and motifs is more important than ever. We bridge the gap between past and present, exploring how the Gothic remains relevant in contemporary society.

  5. Find your own myth: As we explore the Gothic, we discover aspects of ourselves that we might not have been aware of. The Gothic is a great self-exploration tool that when used under the right lens can give us meaning and purpose. In other words, it can help us write our own myth. 

Join us on an exciting journey and be enlightened by all the secret messages the Gothic has in store for you. We will discover the hidden treasures within its shadows as we unravel its mysteries.


Let "In Search of the Gothic" be your guide and source of knowledge to unlock the secrets of this captivating genre and illuminate the path to self-discovery through our courses, mentoring, workshops, dream interpretation and much more.

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“Very well defined Alicia, as always, a really deep and erudite vision on the subject. I wish there were not so much commercial gothic disco, noise and vice and there were more introspective minds.."

Alexa Young, CA

The Person Behind this Project

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My name is Alicia Domínguez and I am an English philologist and Jungian psychology student, with a passion for writing and reading ghost stories, dream analysis, neuroscience, crocheting and all things Gothic. 

I graduated from the UB (Universitat de Barcelona) in 2008 and started my journey as an independent researcher of the Gothic while working as a language coordinator and teacher of English as a second language in an academy in Barcelona.

Together with my husband, we decided to open our language school in 2011 when our first child was only six months old. The main reason; we didn't want to be a split family. Our second son, a rainbow baby, was born in 2014. With him, we realised how much work is still to be done in our societies to stop otherising motherhood.


My ectopic pregnancy and my non-evolutive twin pregnancy between our first and second sons changed the way I had perceived life until then.


But it was my husband's near-death experience in 2018 and his consequent chronic heart problems that pushed me towards an existential crisis that made me rethink my whole career.

It has been through writing, investigating, teaching the Gothic, doing seminars, writing articles, and carrying out interviews that I've become more connected with my most authentic self, which has been key to helping others too.

If I had to describe my myth so far, I would say, that I was born with a unique view of the world that inspires and enlightens the way to those who are looking to find light in their darkness.​ 

So tell me, what's your story?

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