Turn Your Passion For The Gothic Into A Successful Career Tool 

FREE PRESENTATION: Learn how developing your Critical Thinking and Communication Skills through the Gothic can change your future.


the five key components

The 5 key communication tools

Discover the 5 key components to think and communicate effectively through the Gothic to give you the right mindset to succeed.
how language exposure is the key

5 steps to effective  communication

Learn why exposure to Gothic texts and active oral and written participation in groups will make you communicate better.
how language exposure is the key

4 actions to continuous improvement

Take charge of effective routines where the Gothic is explored through familiarisation of different contexts and activities.

I will help you discover your Gothic self through its multiple themes and representations.

In this free lesson “Learn how developing your Critical Thinking and Communication Skills through the Gothic can change your future” I will teach you:

  • What can you achieve by becoming a better thinker and communicator
  • What it means to be an effective thinker
  • The steps to become an effective thinker
  • Why do you need to communicate effectively
  • The steps to communicate effectively
  • How will the Gothic help you
  • What are the steps to learn through the Gothic

Helping people develop their critical thinking through the Gothic to communicate confidently and effectively is what I do best. I’ve prepared many academics and professionals to reach their language and communications goals through the Gothic. I want you to become the next happy, confident and effective communicator to pursue your dream job. 

More About Me
Alice in Gothic Land frees your mental blocks



"My experience with Alicia has been excellent. I am much more confident as a speaker, I can now express myself with more clarity, I am more secure about myself and what I want to transmit. This is true in tarot readings, when I need to communicate clearly with the person who is looking for answers and, of course, while I am writing my project."


"Alicia is an excellent professional. Before I met her, I had been learning English for many years, but I had never managed to improve my Listening and Speaking skills until I began classes with her in late 2019. I am now capable of maintaining conversations and meetings more fluently in English, which has helped me greatly in my current job as Team Leader."


"The courses I have been doing with Alicia during the last 5 years have always been fun, interesting and creative. We go through a great variety of subjects and learn in a different and innovative way. We are also given the opportunity to express ourselves and write about things we like. We share our stories with our colleagues and we always end up laughing together."


"I have been studying English with Alicia since 2011. During that time, she has helped me improve my English in general terms, but especially my pronunciation. She has also encouraged me to watch more films in original version to be able to understand the storylines better."

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Critical Thinking and Effective Communication  

Learn how developing your Critical Thinking and Communication Skills through the Gothic can change your future