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Finding Balance in Transitional Spaces


Analysis of literary and TV productions for self-discovery and self-help

Keys and Flowers
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Your Three Pillars Of Personal Development Through the Gothic-Jungian Lens

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  • Realising what your daily uncertainties are is the first step to create Self- awareness.

  • These uncertainties are born when you transition between who you you have been, who you are now and who you want to become.

  • Illnesses, loss, professional decisions, relationships, can disrupt your status quo and make you question your identity. Being aware of the internal and external reasons that have lead you to your current situation is key. 

  • Becoming self-aware of the demands of your Ego, and your internal battles to find happiness in all the areas of your life, is crucial to take the right steps to socialise healthily with yourself and others.

Ring of Light Bulbs

 Critical Thinking 

  • Critical Thinking gets triggered when in front of texts and productions that make us ask what, who, why, when and how.

  • Reading Gothic Literature or artistic productions with Gothic elements, will help you raise these questions as they will spark your curiosity. 

  • Curiosity will lead you to have an open mind towards different solutions to problems. It is only when you start embracing a wholistic approach that you become less judgy with yourself and others. Being less critical but more willing to find balanced solutions is game changer.

  • Fictional contexts allow you to detach yourself from your absorving reality and therefore your problems. This exercise will help  you see alternatives that suit you best more objectively. 


Notebook and Pen


  • Repressed thoughts and desires get locked in a dark place of our brain. If you don't give those thoughts some space, they will eventually turn into neurosis.


  • Letting your repressed ideas talk to you through dream or thought processing journaling will allow you to access a very rich source of information with all the answers that you need.  


  • Coaching sessions, talking to others in meaninfgul conversations can help you in your individuation process and therefore find balance during your transitions.


  • The analysis of your writings, artistic productions and your coaching sessions, will allow you to see whats blocking you and therefore find balance. This can be a long process or it can flow if you are really dedicated and consistant. 


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Spooky Forest


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Fairy Lights

Gothic texts trigger your critical thinking as they visit many uncomfortable or restricted places

Paper Diary

Writing journals, diaries, short stories and articles is a great way to work on binomials

Home Theater System

Watching films, tv series will help you become familiarised with the Gothic and its evolution  

Headphones connected to a smartphone

Listening to podcasts, and watching videos that talk about the Gothic will enlighten your personal journey  

Circle of people

Attending  to seminars,  conferences and Gothic courses will help you broaden your knwoledge 

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The Benefits Of Jungian Psychology

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Image of Medusa by Wonderlane

Understanding and identifying with different archetypes will help you know yourself better at different times

Image of tree roots by Felix Mittermeier
Image of dreams by Jr Korpa

Journaling your   dreams consistanly, figuring out their meaning, remembering past dreams will be extremly revealing

Image by Dollar Gill

Your shadow, is one of the archetypes most represented in Gothic literature and productions. You can learn how to decipher it

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Books, pen and a cup of coffee

Finding balance between your conscious and unconscious mind through the individuation process

Learning how to embrace the changes that your identity undergoes daily by being mindfully proactive 


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Alice in Gothic Land

Hi, my name is Alicia (Alice) and we have a lot in common.

Like you, I have a passion for everything dark and spooky.

Like you, I have come to many crossroads in my life.


Like you, I think that life is an exciting place with many hidden corners and transitional spaces from which we have to keep learning. 

That's why I have created a space of personal and emotional growth where we use a Gothic-Jungian approach as a  tool to understand our traumas, our fears and become a better and happier version of ourselves.

As an English Philologist and student of a Master in Jungian psychology with a profound passion for Cognitive Learning and Neuroscience, I help people like you achieve your personal and professional goals by creating awareness of their mental blocks and fears during their periods of transition.


If you are going through a difficult moment in your life and need to shine light in the darkness, Gothic Land has you covered.

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Tracy Fahey

Tracy Fahey,  Irish writer, academic and researcher

"Having worked with Alicia, she is an excellent, warm, intuitive mentor who genuinely interacts with students and makes learning a joyful experience. As an interviewer, she has an extensive knowledge of literature and is a joy to work with; she understands the writing process and asks intuitive, interesting questions. I warmly recommend her classes to anyone who wants to improve their criticality through the study of writing."

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