Overcome Your Communication Fears Through The Gothic While Working On Your Critical Thinking  

Learn all the steps to become an effective communicator through the Gothic lens from today.

Drink from your Critical Mind,

Eat your Fears

When Alice went down the rabbit hole, chasing a highly stressed out rabbit, she ended up in a room with many doors trying to get a key that would only fit the smallest one. That little door opened up to a “small passage, not much larger than a rat-hole”.

From where she was standing she could see a beautiful and inviting garden where she wanted to be. In order to achieve her goal she looked around and saw this bottle that said “Drink Me”, and so she did. She shrank to the size of the door but then noticed she had left the key on the table and of course, that was now too high.

Under this glass table she saw a box that said “Eat Me” and so she did, growing again, but now too much. This allowed her to get her desired key, but now she was far too big again, which brought her back to the initial problem: not being able to enjoy the garden on the other side.

Like Alice you probably spend a lot of time falling into rabbit holes, chasing time and being frustrated because you never seem to overcome your fears and therefore meet your targets. Alice in Wonderland is indeed a story for kids that I always thought had some very dark messages. The characters don’t seem friendly, the settings are suffocating and the story is full of strangeness, twists, turns and frustrations that Alice has to face just because of her curiosity.

However, curiosity, empathy and motivation are the three fundamental pillars that will give your Critical Thinking the fuel you need to fully develop it and succeed in life.

My purpose here is to invite you to look into the dark side of things, to going into the Gothic space for you to come out with solutions that work for you.

I invite you to Drink from your Critical Mind because thinking critically will help you know what steps to take during your very personal journey to overcome your communication mental blocks without dramas.

But I also invite you to Eat your Fears away, by facing your very own pain points when communicating whether this is when you speak or write.

You know you are ready for the journey and so do I.


Down The Rabbit Hole



"My experience with Alicia has been excellent. I am much more confident as a speaker, I can now express myself with more clarity, I am more secure about myself and what I want to transmit. This is true in tarot readings, when I need to communicate clearly with the person who is looking for answers and, of course, while I am writing my project."


"Alicia is an excellent professional. Before I met her, I had been learning English for many years, but I had never managed to improve my Listening and Speaking skills until I began classes with her in late 2019. I am now capable of maintaining conversations and meetings more fluently in English, which has helped me greatly in my current job as Team Leader."


"The courses I have been doing with Alicia during the last 5 years have always been fun, interesting and creative. We go through a great variety of subjects and learn in a different and innovative way. We are also given the opportunity to express ourselves and write about things we like. We share our stories with our colleagues and we always end up laughing together."


"I have been studying English with Alicia since 2011. During that time, she has helped me improve my English in general terms, but especially my pronunciation. She has also encouraged me to watch more films in original version to be able to understand the storylines better."

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