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Your identity is what you build every day, even when you are faced with your darkest self.


You just need to know where to find it.



Who I am And What I Do


My name is Alice (Alice in Gothic Land)


I'm an English Philologist with a profound passion for Gothic Literature, Cognitive Learning, Neuroscience and Psychology.


Through my videos, articles and research I help people discover more about the dark side of our existence as human beings and unmask all the ghosts, taking into account our cultural and historical backgrounds. 


Whether you are looking to learn more about the Gothic elements in your life to help you self-reflect on your daily issues, you are on a quest to change your career path, you are simply here out of curiosity or are looking for some inspiration, I'll help you connect all the dots. 


Figure out your true identity by feeding your Critical Thinking through reading, writing and speaking to others.

Together we'll create awareness.




What You Develop When You Are Curious

the five key components

Critical Thinking

Find solutions to your daily problems by looking into certain textsfilms or TV series.

Using all the Critical Thinking questions you will:

1) Learn how to find answers in dark spaces 

2) Become aware of the things that scare you

3) Create new mental pathways

4) See how to use writing to your benefit

5) Embrace your new you

how language exposure is the key

Your Own Voice

Learn how to get your message across without letting your fears hold you back. 

Defining your voice will help you:

1) Be clearer with your decisions 

2) Feel more in control of your communication

3) Tap on your "fear system" and stay calibrated

4) Face your own demons to move on with your projects

5) Acquire tools that can help you for life

how language exposure is the key

Your True Self

Discover how your identity is your strength.

Becoming confident will: 

1) Help you to embrace your fears

2) Teach you how grey areas make you balanced

3) Help you see cultural differences as strengths and not as weaknesses

4) Keep you working on your identity as you come across your life problems

5) Give you peace of mind

Drink from your Critical Mind,

Eat your Fears 


When Alice went down the rabbit hole, chasing a highly stressed out rabbit, she ended up in a room with many doors trying to get a key that would only fit the smallest one. That little door opened up to a “small passage, not much larger than a rat-hole”.

From where she was standing she could see a beautiful and inviting garden where she wanted to be. In order to achieve her goal she looked around and saw this bottle that said “Drink Me”, and so she did. She shrank to the size of the door but then noticed she had left the key on the table and of course, that was now too high.

Under this glass table she saw a box that said “Eat Me” and so she did, growing again, but this time, she was too tall. This allowed her to get her desired key, but being far too big again, brought her back to the initial problem: not being able to enjoy the garden on the other side.

Like Alice you probably spend a lot of time falling into rabbit holeschasing time and being frustrated because you never seem to fully embrace who you are and therefore you don’t meet your targets.

Alice in Wonderland is indeed a story for kids that I always thought had some very dark messages. The characters don’t seem friendly, the settings are suffocating and the plot is full of strangeness, twists, turns and frustrations that Alice has to face just because of her curiosity. It’s far too Gothic to be read as an innocent bedtime tale.

Alice got into trouble because of her curiosity, but it was curiosity that allowed her to meet interesting characters and learn a lot of things. She visited places, she communicated with others and used her Critical Thinking to find her way out of each situation. In the process she sometimes made friends and other times she made enemies. But from all those experiences she got to define who she was. 

Moreover, it wasn't only curiosity that got Alice into connecting effectively with others. Empathy and motivation also played important roles in her adventures since these are three fundamental pillars of any learning.

Alice had to figure most of her way through riddles, mad characters and fading cats. But unlike her you can be guided by someone who has already been there. As a mediator by nature my job is to bring light to the dark parts of your life.

By making the most of your curiosity for the Gothic you will not only learn to recognise its elements when watching TV or reading a book. You will also learn that more than a genre, the Gothic is a mode that reaches areas of your life you wouldn’t even think of.

Drink from your Critical Mind and overcome your mental blocks without dramas.

Eat your Fears away and embrace who you really are.

You know you are ready for the journey and so do I. You just need to take the first step.

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                                                             What they say about me

Tracy Fahey

Having worked with Alicia, she is an excellent, warm, intuitive mentor who genuinely interacts with students and makes learning a joyful experience. As an interviewer, she has an extensive knowledge of literature and is a joy to work with; she understands the writing process and asks intuitive, interesting questions. I warmly recommend her classes to anyone who wants to improve their criticality through the study of writing.


Discover everything that makes you Gothic by having free access to my monthly newsletter.