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Dream Interpretation

Have you ever wondered where writers find their source of inspiration? What if I told you that many successful stories are based on dreams, or shall we say nightmares, of our favourite artists? And what about those stories where nightmares are their main protagonists? What does all this mean in the different historical contexts, moreover, what do all these dreams say about the world we live in today?


Welcome to the realm of Gothic Dreams, where shadows dance and the unconscious speaks in whispers.

This service is an invitation to dive deep into the enigmatic world of dreams and diverse interpretations we may all find within the haunting corridors of our "In Search of the Gothic" website.


Drawing upon the profound insights of Jungian psychology, our pages offer a unique exploration of the mysterious landscapes that unfold within the unconscious mind of our favourite artistic productions and artists to then discover what resonates with our own oneiric world.

We invite you to unlock the secrets hidden within your dreams through famous dreams and dreamers as we navigate the dark alleys and hidden chambers of the psyche. From eerie symbols to haunting motifs, our interpretations peel back the layers of meaning, revealing the profound connections between the Gothic imagination and the depths of human experience.

Let's walk together into the labyrinthine passages of the mind, where dreams become windows into the soul. Whether our productions and characters find themselves haunted by recurring nightmares or tantalized by cryptic visions, our interpretations and resources will serve you as guides to illuminate the path towards understanding and self-discovery.

Gothic Writer sleeping and the dream above his head playing so we can see his

 Dreams in gothc Productions 

Dream interpretation is not an easy endeavour, as it requires a broad knowledge of the cultures of the world, their traditions and beliefs. When using the Jungian symbology and framework to interpret dreams, we encounter many challenges, mainly if we are trying to interpret our own dreams. However, it is always easier to analyse somebody else's dreams, or at least give the dreamer a different interpretation from his/her own, to keep working on the meaning of their dreams.

That's why analysing the dreams of Gothic artists and even what dreams inspired them is an exercise that academics have done for centuries without even realising it.

From Horace Walpole to Stephen King, we will study dreams in depth, taking into account the historical times of the artists and the artists themselves, to figure out all the nuances of their dream content.

These are some of the benefits of interpreting dreams in gothic productions and from gothic artists:


  • Understanding the Collective Unconscious: Dreams in Gothic stories often tap into Jungian archetypal motifs, such as the hero's journey, the shadow, the anima/animus, and the persona. Analysing these dreams using the right tools will provide many interesting insights into the deeper layers of the human psyche and the universal themes explored in Gothic literature.

  • Exploring Symbolism and Imagery: Dreams in Gothic narratives are often filled with rich symbolism and imagery, reflecting the characters' inner conflicts, fears, and desires. By decoding these symbols, we will uncover hidden meanings and gain a deeper understanding of the characters' psyches and the themes of the story.

  • Uncovering Repressed Emotions and Traumas: Dreams in Gothic tales and also the artists' dreams frequently mirror repressed emotions and traumas. Making use of the principles used in Jungian analysis we will uncover these hidden aspects of the psyche, shedding light on the characters' and writers' motivations and behaviors. By confronting these repressed elements,  you will be invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery and psychological integration while analysing the dreams of your favourite characters and creators.

  • Examining the Shadow Self: Archetypes tend to come up in dreams, but it is through Gothic literature that we can examine one of the most complex concepts such as the shadow. It is through this that characters are caught facing their inner demons and the darker aspects of their personalities. Analysing gothic dreams will help you acknowledge and work on your own shadow, leading to greater self-awareness and personal growth.

  • Identifying Archetypal Patterns: Archetypes, universal symbols and motifs that recur in myths, legends, and dreams across cultures and time periods tend to appear more frequently in Gothic productions and follow archetypal patterns, such as the quest for self-discovery, the battle between good and evil, or the journey into the unknown. By identifying these archetypal motifs, you will gain a deeper appreciation of the underlying themes and universal truths explored in Gothic literature.

What Dreams are made of

We all dream, whether you remember your dreams or not.

I am lucky enough to remember my dreams. I always have done, and I've written about and drawn them many times. Mainly when they woke me up in the middle of the night or seemed to have important messages for me.

Some dreams take you to take action, others to reflect on what's going on in your life, and other times they scare you to death. In any case, they always have an important message for you that you shouldn't ignore.

These are some of the reasons why I have become more and more interested about the real meaning of dreams.

My profound relationship with my dreams together with my curiosity for their  interpretation has taken me to pay closer attention to those messages that, like Marie-Louise von Franz said in one of her interviews, are "letters that the Self  sends to us every night."

This whole project is based on a recent dream I had where a Gargoyle that was on one of the stone walls of my "supposedly" old bookshop, gave me some very interesting messages. The energy that came out of that dream is what led me to take fearless action in the following days. 

If this anecdote connects with you, then I'll be glad to help you in this journey of dream interpretation of Gothic productions based on dreams and/or that contain dreams. 

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Interested in Dream Deciphering?

Tell me which Gothic dream would you like to work on and I'll contact you.

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