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expressing Your Gothicneess

It is not always easy to find Gothic tools for writing and producing your own creations, but also to decorate our surroundings, and why not, even little items to wear as a sign of being passionate about the Gothic in all its forms.

Our online Gothic shop presents you with a curated selection of items, stationary, utensils and even clothing accessories for you to express your Gothicness however you want. 

Most of the items in the shop are my own creations, but I am open to collaborations and affiliating with other entrepreneurs who think their craft resonates with the mission of this project. Helping each other is also a great way of promoting each other's work and keep creating Gothic awareness.

I am also open to suggestions for products and services. 

A Gothic shop with materials for creators, writers, stationery, crochet, worksheets and tr

The Best Item For You

Imagine one of those antique shops where everything has a Gothic touch, from the building itself to the last minuscule detail.

This dream shop reflects my personal Gothic journey, tastes, likes and what I consider important for creators and lovers of the Gothic space who would like to express themselves in their everyday lives.

These are some of the benefits of purchasing items and handmade creations from this site. 


  • Access to Unique and Inspirational Items: My Gothic online shop will provide a curated collection of unique and inspiring items such as dark-themed pieces of crochet both for personal use and as gifts to others, journals, diaries and other creations to inspire creators and writers looking to infuse their work with Gothic elements.

  • Community and Networking Opportunities: This online shop also serves as a hub for like-minded individuals to connect, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. This community aspect is particularly beneficial for creators and writers seeking to expand their networks and find support among peers with similar interests.

  • Resources for Self-Exploration and Reflection: The Gothic aesthetic often explores themes related to the human psyche, darkness, and introspection, that's why this shop offers books, art, and other resources that delve into these themes, providing you with tools for self-exploration and reflection.

  • Educational Materials and Workshops: We host workshops, webinars, and online courses focused on Gothic literature, art, psychology, and other connected fields. These educational opportunities will be of great value if you are interested in deepening your understanding of the Gothic genre and its psychological underpinnings.

  • Support for Independent Artists and Creators: We love to feature products created by independent artists and creators within the Gothic community. If you are an artist, we would love to support your work by helping you sustain and promote the Gothic message while providing customers with unique and authentic goods.​

  • Thematic Curation and Recommendations: We offer curated collections of products tailored to specific themes within the Gothic genre, such as vampires, ghosts, or psychological horror. This thematic curation will help you discover new and interesting items that align with your interests.

  • Platform for Expression and Identity: For many of us, the Gothic is more than just an aesthetic preference, it is also a way of expressing identity and exploring complex emotions and experiences. This online Gothic shop serves as a platform where you can feel comfortable expressing yourself authentically and embracing all the expressions and ideas hidden in the minds of darker sensibilities.

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The Heart of the Shop

This online shop is the heart and soul of Alice in Gothic Land, that alter ego of mine that has been roaming the Gothic for longer than I can remember.

As an evolving idea, I have learnt to embrace change, because change and fluidity are also characteristics of the Gothic.

But change doesn't mean leaving behind parts of you. In fact, change should be all about adding and not subtracting.

Each creation, production, idea, and service here, is born from my inner necessity and is part of my self-Gothic expression.

Think of this shop as a place where you can walk in and let your senses do the work, let my creations and those of others help you forget your daily problems and connect with your creativity and inner desires. They may even inspire you to create your own.


Let the images, products and services walk you through a journey of energising inspiration and fill your shopping bag with useful resources and items that bring some happiness to your gothic being.


What Do You Need Right Now?

Tell me what you are looking for and I'll find it or make it for you

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