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Get to know yourself better through the Gothic-Jungian lens
Eat the monsters that prevent you from achieving your goals


What is this course about?

This course offers the first steps that every entrepreneur, and creator with a passion for the Gothic, needs to follow when he/she finds himself/herself at a personal, and/or professional crossroads, and is not sure which direction to go.


The course is designed in three main blocks:

  • Gothic Block:

In this block we will work on Gothic literature and Gothic elements in different artistic productions, from their origins to the present day, to understand their evolution and practical application in whatever your specialty and/ or interest(s).

  • Jungian Block:

In this block, you will acquire basic knowledge about the connections between Gothic literature and Junguian thought as tools for self-reflection and self-knowledge. Self-awareness is the first step for starting any project, whether a life or a professional one. 

  • Start-up Block::

In this block, you will put into practice everything that you acquire in your Gothic and Jungian blocks. You will do this by learning how to communicate effectively without losing your essence and with clear targets.

Raven Crow

Who is this course addressed to?

This course is addressed to all Gothic lovers who want to turn their passion for this mode, so little studied in a formal and practical way, into a career path in which self-knowledge and awareness are part of their journey.

If you find yourself at a personal or professional crossroads and are passionate about the world of all things Gothic, you are in the right place.

Before helping others we need to learn to help ourselves

Alicia Domínguez 

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