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Welcome to February’s magazine, the second one of this year. This issue contains 65 full-colour pages of Gothic analysis through what Carnival represents in our societies, how masquerading is portrayed in Gothic texts and how that is connected to our Shadow.


I also talk to you about the importance of Gothic music and its origins and will dive into a recent interview with my muse Ville Valo to bring some life lessons.


I revisit my interview with David Castleton, the first writer I met on Twitter, whose writing career revolves around eerie folklore and objects with a dark story.


Finally, you will read about Andrea and her encounter with a beautiful girl at the beach party.


For this special month, I have been working on the following articles:

· Masks, Carnival and your Shadow

· Music for the Gothic soul - Ville Valo

· Interview with writer David Castleton on Gothic curiosities and legends

· Storytime: Andrea’s new friend


I hope you enjoy every page and that they satisfy your curiosity.


I would also love to hear from you. How do you celebrate Carnival? What does it mean for you? Let me know by replying to me at

You Are Gothic But You Don't Know It - February 2023


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