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Welcome to my June 2023 magazine. There isn’t a better time than the Summer Solstice to celebrate our second season of “You Are Gothic But You Don’t Know It”. During the next 12 months, we will be focusing on helping you find balance. Transitions are never easy but learning more about yourself through the Gothic Mode and Archetypal psychology will help you find answers. Issue 13 contains 48 full-colour pages dedicated to three main pillars of self-improvement: self-awareness, critical thinking, and self-expression.


This month we help you find your balance by making the most of the Summer Solstice, a great time of the year for inner connectivity through cultural and historical awareness; we also trigger your critical thinking through the analysis of one of my favourite books of all times Mirall Trencat (A Broken Mirror); we suggest exercises, techniques, and tools that will help you get over your fears, anguishes and uncertainty while organizing your readings, writings, and research.

And to close this month’s magazine enjoy the last chapter of part one of Andrea’s story soaked in folklore, psychology, and myth.


These are the titles of this month’s content:


  • How To Find Your Balance This Summer Solstice By Creating Awareness
  • Mirall Trencat, the perfect Catalan novel to work on female archetypes and symbols of nature
  • Tools and Strategies for this Solstice
  • Andrea's story - end of part one


Let this content serve you as a guide.


I would also love to hear from you. What are you struggling with at the moment? Tell me your story. Write to me at:

You Are Gothic But You Don't Know It - June 2023

  • 48-page downloadable file in PDF format, file size 69.9MB.

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